Trust a Full-Service Logging Company

Call Hopkins Forestry for service and sales in Norwich, Johnson City, Syracuse, and Binghamton, NY

Maybe you're hoping to order some firewood, or maybe you need to clear trees from your plot of land. No matter what, you can count on Hopkins Forestry for the forestry services you need. Our company is committed to providing logging and land clearing services you can rely on.

Our company:

  • Sells log-length firewood
  • Offers custom order board cutting
  • Cleans roads and relevels after logging
  • Can buy standing timber from you
  • Clearcut your property

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    Leave the logging to us

    Our experienced logging company can take care of any logging services you need. We know how to properly cut and collect wood so that it can be used in construction or firepits. Once we cut down trees, we turn the wood into log-length firewood for sale. You can get what you need from us.

    Are you preparing to start construction in a certain area? Our land clearing company can get the space ready for you to build with our clearcutting services. We'll remove any trees standing in your way.

    Contact us today to speak to a member of our logging company serving Norwich, Johnson City, Syracuse, and Binghamton, NY.

    What makes Hopkins Forestry the right choice for you?

    After over 20 years of experience in logging and land clearing, we know how to take care of what you need. Our family-owned company is committed to making your logging job easier. While our most common clients are large commercial landowners or government agencies, we are also happy to help homeowners and people with smaller lots.